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or•tho•don•tics \ or-tho-don'tiks \ n (1909): the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. These irregularities are termed malocclusion (bad bites) and can include symptoms like crooked, misaligned, and crowed teeth. Practicing orthodontics requires professional skill in the design, application, and control of corrective appliances to bring all elements of the mouth and jaw into proper alignment. [ortho- +G. odus, tooth]

Our office, established in 1974, is one of New York's most comprehensive orthodontic offices. We utilize state of the art appliances and equipment to treat the direct cause of a patient's orthodontic problem, not the symptoms. Our treatment delivery focuses on improving skeletal and facial relationships, while considering future growth and development. This attention leads to improvements in the aesthetic appearance and balance of a patient's face, in addition to properly aligned teeth.

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